Freedom to Roam: Backpacking on a Budget

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Backpacking might sound like a scary thought; after all, you’re wandering around a country with little more than a bag on your back that contains a set of clothes and your identity cards. You probably don’t have a GPS to work with and you certainly don’t know the areas that you’re exploring. However, backpacking is a liberating adventure. You’re free to go where you want, talk to who you please, and eat whatever smells great (usually). What are you waiting for? Backpacking on a budget needs to be your next adventure!

There isn’t much preparation involved when it comes to backpacking which makes it a great budget holiday for adventurous types that are looking to integrate with communities rather than be fed with touristy attractions and stereotypical foods. Here are some tips to get you started with a budget backpacking adventure.

Don’t Pack Too Much

The golden rule to backpacking is “less is more”. Don’t try to bring several heavy sets off clothes, pajamas, and boots for every occasion. You’re not trying to prepare for every possible situation, you’re packing light and you’re going with the flow—that’s the fun in backpacking. You can check a prepper forum if you want to get a rough idea of what you need to carry in terms of emergency rations and supplies. If you carry too much on your back, then there’s no way you’ll be hiking up the side of a mountain to get a breathtaking view at the summit.

Don’t take any prized possessions either. Don’t take your favorite watch, your most comfortable shirt, or your latest phone. If they get stolen or lost, then you’re just asking for a bad time. Prevent it from happening in the first place by not packing valuables!

On top of that, remember to look for budget trips online: Here’s a good starting point: International trips under 30k from India.


Natives love to meet backpackers who are interested in not only the culture, but the local attractions, delicacies, and daily lives of people that live in the area. If you’re traveling solo, then it’s even more important that you meet people and make new friends. Take pictures, record your memories, and share your experiences when you return home.

If you meet friendly people, they could even offer you part times jobs for a bit of money, food, or even accommodation. It’s crucial that you try to make the most of every experience—that’s the joy in backpacking. Integrate with communities and learn about their daily lives, and you’ll make some big savings by accepting their help.

Get Used to Walking and Biking

Don’t ever trust a taxi in a foreign country, especially if you’re traveling with heavy bags and you look completely out of place. Taxi drivers can spot a tourist from a mile away, and they’ll do whatever they can to extort you for more money. Only use a taxi when absolutely necessary.

Stick to public transport and walking, but you can also invest in renting a bike or carrying a small foldable one with you. They might be heavy, but it’s worth it for the ease of travel. Walking is also a great way to get to places that aren’t immediately accessible via transport, such as a mountain—there’s no way you’re going to get a taxi to the summit, so your only option will be to walk.