Appealing Water sports in Myrtle Beach

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I’m lately daydreaming of a South Carolina vacation that could easily come to life if everything goes as planned in the upcoming months. I can’t stop thinking about what I would be doing to take advantage of all those km of great coast and beaches.

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And because I’ve always had a special interest in water – and frozen water – I would like to share my list of already checked water sports as well as those that sound very appealing and could be given a try soon. But before I plan that too much, I should look at what hotel options there are by Myrtle Beach! After all I will need somewhere to stay.

My interest in water sports began with swimming, recommended by a doctor because of my back problems. Already at an early age, I used to train five days a week. Long hours under the water, counting leaps. Boring.

Then, I had an interest in sailing: Optimist, Vaurien, and finally windsurfing. They were all so much fun, but I couldn’t afford a Sail Club membership to practice them as much as I wanted so I ended up giving them up too sooner than I would have liked.

Some years ago, a boyfriend I had back then, tried to get me into surfing. So tricky, I could only ride a couple of decent waves after trying so hard that I decided I did not have the patience needed to learn properly. And I never looked back since then.

Finally, I discovered wakeboarding thanks to a kind guy who gently took my friends and me on an endless-fun afternoon. Thanks to its similarity with snowboarding, I enjoyed it a lot from the very beginning without looking dumb; although once again it exceeds my average budget.

Enough with my memories, have you noticed how fast water sports are evolving lately? Everything now is about kites, weird boards, parachutes, jets and ultimate ways to combine them all!

These are the four water sports I can’t wait to give a try when in South Carolina:

  • Kite surfing. I have been wanting to learn how to kite-surf for as long as I can remember. Apparently, no matter how fit you are, in a few sessions, one can be riding back and forth being propelled by a kite up in the sky. Clean energy. I’m in!
  • Parasailing. Quite new to the scene, trying this one has to be something to remember! Towed by a motorboat, a special parachute lifts you in its harness up and through the air. It sounds like fun!
  • Jet ski. Despite using exclusively an engine (not very eco-friendly), I wouldn’t mind going for a ride in one of those!

catamaran water sports aworldtotravel

  • Catamaran. Because trimaran is a bit of a crazy idea, isn’t it?

Are you a water sports person? Leave a comment with your favorites!

Photo credits: arturodonate  Kay Gaensler  marcovdz