Ancares, a spanish Biosphere Reserve

Ancares forest colors

Half a century ago, it was pretty simple to explore untouched spots in Spain. Nowadays, chances are you won’t find an unspoilt landscape unless you are clearly looking for it.

Ancares Biosphere Reserve Hotel Piornedo

The Biosphere Reserve of Ancares, in northern Spain, is one of those unique places that nicely invite you to go back in time and enjoy the pleasures of a simple life away from all the fuss.

Ancares waterfall near Piornedo

Ancares waterfall near Piornedo

With a characteristic climate, between Mediterranean and continental, there is a high presence of protected species like the brown bear in this valley. Getting there will take you no less than 1 hour after leaving the A6 highway but, believe us, it’s really worth it! And if you happen to visit Ancares during weekdays, you won’t find anyone else but farmers and local people in the valley.

Ancares horses

Transhumance still defines Ancares today and stopping patiently your car while driving is a common procedure as cows, horses and sheeps won’t stop stepping in your way. The density of traffic is so low that they do not feel the urge of adjusting to vehicles!

Ancares cow

We can’t wait to come back in Autumn to picture all the array of warm colors and again in Winter when all the cozy pallozas (typical constructions) are semi-hidden by the snow.

Ancares forest

A hikers paradise, we specially enjoyed the wildlife and forests in the surroundings of Piornedo; a small village at the end of the road before crossing from Galicia to the next region, Leon.

The perfect place to admire Ancares great outdoors from the coziness and warmth of Hotel Piornedo

The perfect place to admire Ancares great outdoors from the coziness and warmth of Hotel Piornedo

We would like to thank Hotel Piornedo for having hosted us last month in our short trip to the area. Once a hostel, today is one of your best options in Ancares. Run by a family of warm locals with a lot of knowledge about the Reserve to share; the Hotel has been recently refurbished and modern architecture will make you feel really comfortable after a day exploring the great outdoors!

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  1. Senderistas

    La naturaleza es algo extraordinario que los senderistas valoran mucho, poder encontrar estos lugares para hacer senderismo es algo maravilloso, esta zona con animales está muy bien para desconectar de todo.

    • Inma

      De veras que si! Se la recomendamos a todo el mundo que necesita un poco de tranquilidad y aire puro! Gracias por pasaros por aquí!

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