#AllMexicoTrip A Mexican May is around the corner!


Remember all the buzz about All Mexico Pass contest last January?

How would you like Tulum to be your office for a couple of days?

How would you like Tulum to be your office for a couple of days?

We know, time goes by so fast and we are pretty much facing summer already! These four months have taken us to some incredible off-the-beaten path spots in Spain, french Alps, Germany, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia. Not bad. But today we cannot express how excited we are of sharing some BIG news with you. Drums please..

We won the contest and Inma is going to Mexico for 16 days next month!

Our proposal won the contest :)

Our proposal won the contest 🙂

Together with other 3 spanish travel bloggers, we will be travelling around using our All Mexico Pass. And there will be another blogtrip in september!

We are counting the days and getting ready to showcase this amazing country so you can all have a taste of Mexico. Make sure you follow us on twitter  or facebook since we’ll be posting live from #AllMexicoTrip and let us know if you will happen to be around next month or have any Mex tips to share!

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