6 Affordable Travel And Weekend Activities To Do While Vacationing On A Budget

Affordable Travel And Weekend Activities To Do While Vacationing On A Budget – A World to Travel (6)

When on vacation or traveling we opt to organize every single detail we need. From travel spots, things to bring, weather, activities, and food. All of these are important travel essentials that we equip ourselves with but one major factor that cannot be missed is our budget. Our financial capacity, admit or not, dictates the scope of our vacation.

In my experience, the majority of my budget goes to accommodation and food, I believe those are important aspects. Often times we miss out on travel activities because of cash restraints but no more.

As a millennial traveler, we often seek experience rather than material things. As the saying goes “The best things in life are free.” We can apply it in our vacation as well. Here are some activities that will help buffer your budget and still get the best in your travel without the fear of missing out.


For me, hiking is simply walking but with a beautiful destination and one of the best weekend activities there is!. Traveling from here and there can actually take a toll on your body, missing out on a few days of exercise and gym. Hiking a trail in your travel location is a great way to keep yourself fit and also a great experience to immerse yourself in the nature of your destination. No need to shed out some cash for this kind of activity, unless there is some small environmental fee.

Wine Tasting

Drinking wine has been traditionally seen as a luxurious habit that is associated with celebrations and events. But in recent years, wine drinking or tasting has become a component of tourism and cultural experience. There are a number of ways for someone on a budget to experience this VIP-like activity.

First, you need to know the best location for your wine drinking. They are best done in vineyards where these lavish drinks are made in mass. Visiting vineyards is a great choice because you get a beautiful view of the vastness of a grape vineyard. Also, schedule your visits on weekdays. Weekends are the business and your time with the server will be divided with the many other guests.


Fishing is both a serene and exciting activity that anyone can experience without breaking the bank. It is serene because it can take time before you get a bite, therefore, you have some time to relax and take in the scenery. It is exciting because once you get a bite and your rod starts moving, a certain rush will fill your body. Every fish you get is like an imaginary trophy that can be used as bragging rights. The only thing you need is reliable fishing gear.

Pottery Making

Some form of art can be very expensive, from paintings, sculptures to vases, but making such art does not have to drain your cash. When you are in countries such as India, UK, and Italy. It is easy to look for a studio that offers budget-friendly sessions on how to make such a craft. Not only do you get to make your very own vase or pot but you get to acquire a skill you can hone at home.

Bike Tour

There are many ways to enjoy the city you are traveling in. You can go on a bike tour. A bike tour is a budget-friendly vacation activity that I highly suggest you try. Not only does going on a bike tour helps you learn about the rich history and culture of the city but it makes you go around the city streets fast. In addition, you get to use your rented bike even after the tour so you can make your way around the city and make your own detours.


Snorkeling may sound like an expensive travel activity, but it does not have to be. It’s all about your location. In order to have the best snorkeling experience, you need to choose the top destinations where coral reefs are alive and aquatic life are in abundance. If you feel like this is going to be a great hobby of yours, I suggest investing in great snorkeling gear. This will give you a comfortable experience while wading in the water. But in any case, you can easily rent out the gear for an affordable price in virtually any tropical beach.

Your financial status may dictate your destination, but it does not necessarily mean it can limit your activities. Traveling or being on a vacation is all about the experience. Here are a few of the cheapest places to travel around the world. Enjoy!