5 Legendary Adventures We’d Make Happen If We Won The Lottery

flight experiences around the world-15

In the highly unlikely event that we win the lottery – funny enough, I have never bought a ticket so far – these are the destinations and dream holidays we’d splurge on:

1. A year long trip through South America

Because it’s long due. Apart from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, the United States, and my beloved Canada; the large American continent is pretty unknown to us. And this needs to change. As we are at it, rich AF now that we won the lottery, we’d love to include some of the following adventures in the combo:

  1. Heli-Skiing in Patagonia
  2. Dancing to the Carnival tunes in Brazil
  3. Trekking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu.
  4. Taking lots of ridiculous mirror pictures at Atacama’s Salt Flats
  5. Visiting the Volcanoes of Ecuador
  6. Exploring Iguazu Falls by raft
  7. Hiking the W circuit in Torres del Paine
  8. Snorkeling around the Galápagos Islands
  9. Uncovering the Lost City of Colombia at Tayrona National Park
  10. Spending some time navigating the Amazon
  11. Joining an expedition aboard a small ship to Antarctica
  12. Bikepacking the Carretera Austral in Chile

2. Island hopping our way around the world

On our sailing boat and stopping in each paradise archipelago out there. You name them: Seychelles, Maldives, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Tahiti, St Lucia, and many more stunning islands are waiting!

3. Transsiberian with an overland return via Central Asia

A few weeks back, as I was coming from Nepal, I was able to witness some of the mind-blowing Central Asia landscapes from above. Snow-capped mountains piled up till the horizon on what I thought were some of the Stan countries.

Russia, Mongolia, China, and all the Silk Route countries have been calling our name badly lately. And they aren’t very expensive to travel. So whether we win the lottery or not, this bunch is very high on our wish list too!

4. Australia and New Zealand

Still hurting for not using my precious New Zealand Working Holiday Visa – and WHV gap years can be epic! – a few years back when I was lucky enough to score one of the 200 the government was issuing for my country, I seriously cannot wait to explore New Zealand and Australia. They have been postponed for a long time due to the high costs that would represent traveling there but winning an insane amount of money would make it possible on a whim!

5. Europe and Africa

We’d buy a motorhome or campervan – like the cozy van we enjoyed in Portugal – and drive all around Europe, mostly following the coastline. Plus, we have never stepped on Kosovo, Moldavia, or Estonia so far.

When done with the old continent, we’d jump on a ferry boat to Morocco and from there, wander across Africa until we reach Cape Town, in South Africa.

As you can see, what money would ultimately buy us is TIME to spend months and even years on each one of these adventures.

Now it is your turn. What would you do if you won the lottery? Let us know in the comments below!