Fun and Activities To Do In London


Extraordinarily vast and beautiful with a rich history and vast culture can only be one place in this world, London. And, in case, you do not know, this city can also be quite affordable if you are on a lookout for good and fun family outings as well as the best activities to do in London.

Apart from finding a cheap flight to London, from many of its five airports, fun and enjoyment are waiting in abundance that will make your family have a great trip and come back with good memories every time. There is also something to do in London that is within your budget.

Must-Visit Important Museums

For your first trip to London, it is not possible to visit every Museum this place has to offer. However, you can sure make a list of which ones to visit. You can start with Natural History Museum whose entrance has a piece of gigantic dinosaur greeting you in hallway reminding you of cathedral. There is ancient life restored here starting from wildlife, dinosaurs to Earth Galleries. This is what makes this museum a favorite venture location for a family. This museum is also near to Hotels in central London. You will also get free entrance to this museum except for days, 24th, 25th and 26th December.


Image Credit: British Museum

Next, there is Science Museum, boasting six floors of environment, space, transport and lots of energy. It is ideal to visit with your family for a day-long visit. There are also galleries for children of all ages with IMAX 3D cinema experience to add another dimension to fun and enjoyment.

Apart from that, there is also British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Imperial War and Museum of London that can give you a sneak peek of Britain’s history from a different perspective.

Art Galleries Like No Other

If you are staying at montcalm hotel london city and the marble arch by Montcalm then, famous and popular galleries of London are within easy reach. The most famous amongst the galleries are Tate Galleries, and as there are two, so each one of them is located on northern and southern sides of River Thames. In Tate Britain, you will find art of Britain from both modern and historic times, at the same time; Tate Modern is the home for a large collection of contemporary and modern art. You will also get family multimedia guides from both these locations every day. Entry is also free in Tate Galleries as well.

Another gallery that is worth a visit in London is the National Gallery located in Trafalgar Square. Visit this place on Saturdays as to join the hands-on workshops held there for kids aged between 6 to 12 years. And on Sundays, you can make your child participate in two-hour art workshops for children within 5 to 11 years of age. Your child under 5 can also participate in storytelling sessions.

Monuments and Structures Enclosed In History 

London is full of monuments and structures, and all of them have different stories to tell, contributing in shaping the history of Britain. The first place that you would like to visit is Buckingham Palace with your entire family to watch changing of the guard. This event takes place in morning at 11 am and so, tries to visit the place as early as possible to skip the crowd and witness this historic and traditional event from forefront.

If you want to visit several of World’s Heritage Site in London, visit Greenwich. Here, you will get to visit three of London’s most attractive tourist destination, all enclosed within royal destination of Greenwich. You can explore National Maritime Museum, boasting of being world’s largest maritime museum and exhibiting blood-drenched uniform, of Nelson who got fatally wounded in Battle of Trafalgar. Through a dynamic audio-visual aid you will learn the stories of British voyagers.

At Royal Observatory, you will contemplate the universe and unravel mysteries of cosmos through interactive galleries for astronomy. Your kids here will also be able to touch a meteorite which is 4.5 billion years old.

Art lovers will also get their share of treat at The Queen’s House where fine art collection and people with a scientific turn of mind will enjoy geometric elements. Ghost hunters and fans of supernatural will also find the truth behind Queen House Ghost.

Drop in with your family at National Theatre where, during, school holidays, backstage tours and workshops allows families a chance to see things and learn stuff behind the scenes. The cost of tours and workshops starts from 5 pounds.

Gardens and Parks

Another space that is in abundance in London is greeneries and green spaces. You can stroll with your kids and family at different royal parks in London like Hyde Park, which is quite popular amongst the local and also visitors. However, right next, to Hyde Park is located Kensington Gardens which is the home of Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground.


Image Credit: Hyde Park

Your kids can climb, crawl and dangle in a huge pirate ship. It also has a Memorial Fountain known for wading. Families can have a great hang out here, as this Memorial Playground is only for families.  If you think that Kensington Gardens is where you have seen enough, then, make way for more surprises at Hampstead Heath with 791 acres of woodland, parks, swimming pools and much more. You will also not like to miss the views from the top of Parliament Hill.

World’s Best Shopping

London is best destination in the world for shopping and to have some of the best experiences in shopping, visit London’s oldest toy stores at Hamleys located in Central London on Regent Street. Your kids will be in wonderland once in Hamleys with six floors of games and toys.

If you are looking for high fashion, Selfridges is the departmental store with family friendly restaurants and lots of shopping opportunities. Another luxury departmental store is Harrods which can be expensive venture but, worth it if you are into luxuries and latest fashion. Thus, while in London, there are lots of things to do, all you need to do is making a list and invest time on must see attractions and location in and around London.