Aboriginal Tourism in Australia

aboriginal tourism in Australia

Australia is a country with rare beauty and a history ingrained in natural landscape.

Its aboriginal culture, redolent of mystique and magic, dates back 60,000 years. There is a common perception that the indigenous culture of Australia can only be found in the depths of the outback, but in reality the entire country, from the reddened dusty plains to the endless blue seas, speaks volumes of its indigenous heritage. From Melbourne in the south to Darwin in the north, any place you visit in between will take you through the Aboriginal legacy.


1. Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory
Ayers Rock - Uluru

The most significant structures in Australia associated with the indigenous culture of the land are a good starting point for this itinerary. These two massive rock formations have a protracted history involving the Aboriginal tribes of the region. Uluru, the big sandstone monolith in the middle of the desert, and Kata Tjuta, multiple rocks of different sizes and shapes, were once, and still are places where indigenous people left markings that tell the story of Anangu culture and history. On the rocks are carvings and drawings from thousands of years ago narrating the history of the land. Viewing these is an authentic insight into this unique culture. When visiting these sacred sites, it is important to remember that these are revered places where Aboriginal culture needs to be respected.  


2. You Yangs Regional Park, Victoria

ngaanyatjarra kids

Heading down towards south of Australia and about an hour’s drive south-west of Melbourne is the You Yangs Regional Town. Located in a small town called Lara, an Aboriginal word for ‘community’, the You Yangs provide excellent hiking trails and perfect scenic views for a picnic, overlooking the Corio Bay. Along the bushwalking trails are signs alluding to the Wathaurong people, the traditional custodians of this part of the country. As you hike up the rocky hill, a lookout point lets you see a geoglyph in the shape of an eagle, which was created by Andrew Rogers as a tribute to the creator Spirit of the Wathaurong people, Bunjil . With car hire in Australia made easy with Hertz, driving to You Yangs will make for an interesting day-out.


3. Wallace Rockhole, Northern Territory

Wallace Rockhole
Still in the Outback, on the outskirts of Alice Springs, is a small town called Wallace Rockhole. A far cry from the typical touristy markets where mass-produced items representing indigenous cultures are sold, this town has hand-crafted and genuine items. There are a range of traditional indigenous paintings, sold in a studio, where you can actually see people working on the art. Chat with local artists, see ancient Aboriginal rock-art, and hear about bush medicine and the history of the Aranda people. This town is a must-visit on a trip exploring Aboriginal culture in Australia.


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Featured Image Source: Official Australia’s Tourism Website.