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Laptops at the workspace – A World to Travel

If you have been here for a while, you might have noticed that A World to Travel is, slowly, getting bigger. As a result, becoming travel bloggers has taken over our daily routines since we launched this travel blog back in 2013.

Who would have thought of so many hours spent in front of a screen a few years back?

As one could predict back then, we are not traveling 24/7. Although there is a lot of traveling involved, being plugged to the internet consumes lots of time as well.

Here’s what we are up to when not traveling, a third of the time approx.

Travelling through East Europe last March. Routine traveling differs a little: specially if there is no WiFi around!

Travelling through East Europe.

After getting a cup of dark coffee done, it’s time to turn on the good old friend laptop! Eight or nine hours ahead, checking the email and Social Media Network notifications can already take up to two hours every day easily. Mornings are also the time to make phone calls (hello Skype!), catch up with fellow bloggers, sponsors and partners and envision new ventures.

A lot of this will probably mean that interesting stuff is going underway and can determine the rest of the day.

If the work load is the average, there should be also some time to check what’s going on on the travel blogging world: read what our favorite authors have been up to, catch up with the news and growth of travel start ups and leave a few comments here and there (although this is something we used to do a lot more in the beginning and has definitely slowed down lately).

Editing our images and videos and thinking about new topics to bring to life can take us to lunch. And it’s only after that when our most productive time starts.

Searching multiple stopover flights for our upcoming trips to Asia and beyond are better done on a full stomach while enjoying a second cup of dark coffee.

Those are tasks that may require from minutes to several days and it comes a point when it’s necessary to check a second time on Social Media. Tricky thing, since many more times than we’d like to admit we end up spending far more time than the scheduled one for it.

At this point, you might be thinking when do we actually write whether this is on our blog or others like The Hufington Post. There are a lot of people who would talk wonders about publishing at a specific time. We know the stats, and we don’t pay that much attention to them because writing in English almost guarantees you that there will always be an English speaking country in the world in an appropriate time zone to read your last article. Plus, there is a lot more life to a post than its first hour.

So yes, we usually procrastinate writing and publishing till the last part of our day. It simply makes more sense being an afternoon person.

And then it comes: the glorious moment when you press ‘Publish’ and whatever rants you wrote go live for the whole world to enjoy or suffer them. Ensuring that link gets shared on every relevant Social Media network and checking for the third or fourth time the main ones as well as the mail inbox close our daily working routine.

What comes next may vary but there is a high chance of a cold beer and some socializing in real life! After all, some fresh air is needed!

Now we’d love to know how is your daily routine. Leave us a comment below!

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  1. Joanna

    Yeah, I’d never expect blogging to be such time-consuming activity!

    When I started back in the middle of 2015, I thought I’d just write a few posts per month and that’s it. But there’s so much more to blogging, especially if it becomes your lifestyle, an important hobby (not to mention a source of income).
    Anyway, you both do a great job here. Keep going!

  2. Callie Mavis

    Thinking about various frames which can be photographed is my routine during travel. For the same place can look different during different seasons as well as different time. Going to a place and imagining the scene at night in the morning and in the evening and thinking about which time is best is part of my routine

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