A mini guide to Beijing, China

The Temple of Heaven – Mini guide of Beijing

If you are planning on visiting the Land of Dragons, you can’t afford to miss Beijing – one of the most historical and unique cities in China, yet hectic and quirky. Here you can experience the best Chinese cuisine (street baozi, famous Beijing duck, grilled scorpions, and yummy jiaozi) as well as visit some stunning historical monuments and night markets that will take your breath away.

Although I don’t believe you could explore the city properly in just 24 hours, here are some tips and sightseeing recommendations that can help you a lot and make your stay in Beijing much easier, cheaper, and definitely more fun:

Great Wall of China

How can I get to Beijing?

It all depends on where you are coming from and what your budget is. Beijing can be easily reached by plane, train, local bus, and taxi. Just to give you an example, a train ride from Chongqing to Beijing takes around 20 hours and costs approximately RMB 650 (sleeping ticket).

Train station in Beijing China

If you are nearby Shanghai and you’re trying to get to Beijing, you should definitely get into one of the high-speed bullet trains. The journey takes less than 4 hours and costs around RMB 600 (second-class ticket).

Street of Beijing, China

How can I get around the city?

Subway is definitely the most convenient way to get around Beijing. There are 16 different subway lines so you can easily get anywhere for only RMB 2.

Bikes for rent in Beijing China

If you are short of money, rent a bike (RMB 10 a day) or simply walk. That can help you keep fit, see more places and discover new local restaurants and coffee shops. Try to avoid taxis (way too expensive, lots of scams) and local buses (way too crowdy).

Local bus in Beijing China

Where should I sleep in Beijing?

The good news is that Beijing is packed with budget travel hostels so you can find dorms from even $3-$5 a night. My personal recommendation would be the Sanlitun Youth Hostel which is one of the most hospitable and safe places I’ve stayed in Beijing.

Inside the Hostel. Beijing, China

Location: No.1 Chunxiu South Gongti North Road, Beijing.

Price: RMB 30 a night (dorms).

Beijing restaurants

Pros/cons: free Wi-Fi, nice staff, luggage store, 24/7 hot shower, but the food was a bit pricey. Free dumpling party every Friday and cooking classes available.

What and where should I eat in Beijing?

When it comes to food, Beijing has a lot of night markets, affordable local restaurants and plenty of street vendors from where you can buy your food.

Beijing noodles

In the morning, you should grab two baozi with soy milk from any street food vendor placed all over the city. Baozi is traditional Chinese dumplings filled with mince, carrots, and parsley. They are steamed and served with sesame oil. Apart from its wonderful taste and smell, baozi is one of the best breakfast options on the cheap in Beijing. They are filling and yummy!

Steamed baozi in Beijing China

In the afternoon, you can dig into a bowl of Beijing noodles and having a famous Beijing duck for your dinner is a must.

Famous Beijing duck

When it comes to sweets and dessert, Beijing will welcome you with you tiao (deep-fried breadsticks), pumpkin cakes, fruity baozi, and dried fruit candies. As for drinks, don’t forget to try Beijing yogurts and bubble tea – absolutely delicious.

Food in a stick. Beijing. China

Restaurants in Beijing are surprisingly affordable. There is one place I would highly recommend called Wuyi Shan, open daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-9pm where the best baozi is sold. There is also a great variety of noodle soups and rice dishes. English address: Maliandao Hutong, Xuanwu District. Chinese address: 宣武区马连道胡同.

Beijing restaurants

What should I see in Beijing?

The Great Wall of China

Compulsory, the Great Wall of China. The best part of it would be Badaling Pass which is quiet and very beautiful, located less than 60 miles from the city center. You can get there by a local bus no. 919 in less than 2 hours and all journey including spending a few hours at the Great Wall will cost you less than RMB 100.

Great Wall [800x600]

After the Great Wall of China, you should definitely explore the Forbidden City. It should not take you more than two hours to see the best-preserved collection of ancient buildings located here. If you want to, you can book a guide who will tell you a lot of interesting stories about this place.

The Forbidden city, Beijing, China

Tiananmen Square should be visited late at night as it’s not that crowded as in the morning or late at night. When it gets late, the Square is lightened up with wonderful Chinese lanterns so it looks so beautiful.

Tiananmen Square at night (1) [800x600]

If you feel like having a rest, Jingshan Park is a must-see place. It’s cozy and charming, perfect for jogging, meditation or a romantic walk. If you love exploring different temples, make sure you make it to the Temple Of Heaven which is a great insight into the life and times of the Emperors, their families and all the people involved in their lives.

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

How can I keep my online social life in China?

As you know, nowadays many governments block some Social Media websites as well as other online features you could be using in your home country back home like, for instance, the totally inoffensive BBC iPlayer. Well, bad news is China is one of these countries.

The Forbidden city, Beijing. China

But here comes good news. In order to easily stay in touch with your peeps and get complete access to your networks, you can use a VPN service like Hotspot Shield. What happens is that they will switch your IP address location to one based in the UK and you’ll be happily accessing your websites of choice in no time as if you were in your home country. Bam!

Streets of Beijing, China

How do you like this idea of spending a day in Beijing?

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