6 Travel Photography Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Travel Photography Hacks That Will Change Your Life – A World to Travel (8)

Traveling equips us with new experiences but with photography, the experiences can be frozen at the exact moment they occur. If you’re traveling and or planning to travel in the future, there are travel photography hacks you should be equipped with to make your travel experience an unforgettable one.

These travel photography tips and tricks will come in handy during travel and will bring your
photography skills to a whole new level.


1. Pack the right gear

Whether you are going to use your phone or camera you should carry the right gear to make taking photos during your travels easy. Having a good camera, batteries, a few different lenses, filters, external flashes, straps and holsters, a tripod and a camera bag in your possession is a huge plus.

Your tripod stand should be steady and easy to handle whereas your camera bag should protect your camera from moisture, dust, and heat and be able to evenly distribute weight on your shoulders.


2. Research on locals and travel location

Do some research about your travel destination and locals beforehand. Respect and be kind when interacting with locals and seek out their consent before going ahead to take a portrait photo of the locals.

If one says no, be kind enough to say thank you. It is also important to check the climate conditions as this allows you to know what protective gear to bring for your photography.


3. Shoot from the right distance and angle

To find the right distance, first begin by looking for a perfect focal point.

When taking photos of landscapes of your travel location using your camera make sure as much of your scene is in focus as possible by adjusting your aperture setting to a large number.

Consider the sky and the lighting. If the sky is bright fill your photo with as much sky as possible but if it is dull, place the horizon in the upper third of your shot.

When using your phone for taking pictures, only use flash on when lighting is not as bright.

Try to capture by bringing into focus objects in the landscape that draw the attention into the photo.

Snap photos from as many angles as possible to bring out the best in each subject.


4. Learn how to capture stunning landscapes when the light is at its best

Wake up early to shoot great landscapes. You may also stay up late in order to shoot a view when no one else is around. The stillness of the moment gives life to the picture and also gives you a unique perspective.

To capture still non-blurry photos, hold the camera or phone with both hands. In the case of a camera, it’s always best to use a sturdy tripod stand, this increases the sharpness of your photos.

In love with sunsets? Try to shoot a sunset with clouds to capture a pattern. You may also take a shot directly to the sun and try creating a silhouette of the object in focus. When focusing on an object try and cover the sun with your focused object while ensuring the sun covers up to two upper thirds in the photo through placing the object on the same vertical line with the sun for an eye-catching photo.


5. Keep a journal

Taking notes after each day into your journal will come in handy as these days we usually take way too many to remember where all of them were taken.

Transfer the photos you have taken each day to your laptop and upload them to a cloud storage backup as well if you can. This also frees the memory room for more photos.


6. Use a batch processing tool

Once you have your images stored both on your laptop or hard drive and in the cloud, select the ones you would like to enhance and batch edit them with a smart tool like Photolemur to save time and get great results. See for yourself how easy it is to get great edited snapshots like the ones throughout this article downloading it for free on their site.

Travel photography is an enjoyable way to freeze memorable moments. Just follow your intuitive mind to capture these magical moments accompanied by these photography hacks and get ready to step up your travel photography game.

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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for all these great tips. I love taking photographs and have gotten better at editing over time. But I’m still stuck in auto-mode (vs manual). I’d rather enjoy a place I am than try to take a million pictures of it figuring out the different settings. I still have so much to learn!

  2. damecacao

    I already knew some of these tips, but how to shoot in the mid-day sun has always baffled me. Upper third. Got it. I’m about to start a photography course to learn how to better use the DSLR I’ve just invested in, but the basics still elude me sometimes. Thanks for the help with my research! The pictures are only as good as the photographer.

  3. AmyEA

    Nice tips! I think a mistake people commonly make too is to shot to close to the subject (especially if you are using a really high quality camera). I think it’s better to crop afterwards. Also, so many people don’t straighten their photos! It drives me bonkers.

  4. Michelle

    Thanks for the great tips. I especially agree with asking locals before taking their picture. We don’t want to be intrusive jerks! LOL!

    • Inma

      We felt like we needed to share that one tip particularly. Unfortunately, the common sense is not so common always.

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