5 Excuses And Reasons For Not Traveling and Why They Could Not Be More Wrong

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Travel is one of the best investments you can make to enhance your life. Exploring new cultures, sampling new foods and meeting new people adds a rich layer of texture to an ordinary life. However, many people miss out on this rewarding facet of life because of false beliefs and lack of information. After some research, we found people usually mention the same reasons for not traveling.

But fear not, no matter what your age, it’s never too late to get packing and be on your way. If you are apprehensive about travel, rest assured that you are not alone. Let’s examine some of the top objections and learn how to overcome them.


1. I Don’t Have Time

One reason that people believe that they do not have time to travel is because they set their travel agenda too high. Yes, it would be wonderful to take a world cruise, however, realistically, most people can’t get away for two months.

Instead, set your travel goals lower by scheduling a quick getaway to refresh the mind and body. You may opt for a weekend spa retreat in Costa Rica, a four-night cruise or a week away to a world capital.

Remember, that a shorter vacation is better than no vacation at all. Simply work within your time frame and get your vacation plans done.


2. I Don’t Have A Travel Partner

So, you don’t have anyone willing to travel with you? Join the club of savvy solo travelers who love the freedom and flexibility of being on their own. Solo travel is immensely popular with all ages, cultural backgrounds, and travel budgets.

You will meet other solo adventurers and perhaps be friends for life.


3. Travel Costs Too Much

You are free to set your own travel budget and keep the cost inside your own comfortable price range. Traditional packaged tours are easy to book, however, the cost can soar to unattainable heights. Instead of booking a 5-star luxury tour, make it a 3-star travel booking on your own. Many hotels have activity brochures available in the lobby and you can save significant money by exploring on your own.

Another price break for travelers can be found with an all-inclusive package. This will usually entail a single destination at a resort and provide all meals, beverages, house brand alcohol, and many activities. If you prefer not to take an all-inclusive vacation, you can stay within a similar thrifty budget by making your getaway a single destination city such as a week in Paris, Cairo and so on.

The all-inclusive vacations and single city destinations may be booked with an air and hotel combo package that usually includes some meals. Traveling to multiple cities can increase the cost of your vacation. So, if you want to stick to a strict travel budget per year, you can start by visiting one city per trip and dispense with the use of a tour guide.


4. I’m Afraid

Some unfortunate would-be travelers have been talked out of their fabulous plans by friends and family that do not share their passion. You may hear negative opinions about certain parts of the world or general sniping designed to give you second thoughts. Don’t believe any of it. Whatever their reasons are for derailing you, be aware that there are travelers enjoying your favorite destination right this very minute.

Life is full of ups and downs, regardless of where you live or wish to travel. Since there are no direct flights to Utopia, be pleased and satisfied with your preferred travel destination to any part of the world. If you are experiencing anxiety or have fear of the unknown, please educate yourself online about the culture and political climate of your preferred destination.

Start, for instance, with this list of the safest countries in Africa. In addition, you may wish to read some travel blogs to get feedback from other travelers. This will set your mind at ease that you are perfectly safe almost anywhere you wish to go.


5. I’m Too Stressed To Make Travel Plans

If you are too stressed to book a vacation, then you may need this getaway more than you think. Traveling is a natural way to melt away tension and stress. To get things rolling, just book something cheap and easy and let your anxiety float away.


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