14 Travel Resolutions for 2014

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Although we are almost three months in, we’ve just compiled the ultimate list of travel resolutions for 2014. Because it’s never too late to travel, here are 14 things we can’t wait to put in practice.

1. Piggy banks were a good idea when you were a kid, and they are now. Start two: one for your dream vacation and one for smaller trips.

2. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

3. Go now. 2014 is a great year for travel; why wait?

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4. Play more! It’s a great way to recharge your batteries.

5. Choose a few smaller destinations. Sometimes a weekend getaway is all you need to freshen up for the next week. A couple of days in the city or fishing in the mountains could be your ticket to a stress-free life.

6. Create a new holiday tradition: St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, Independence Day in Washington, D.C., or Labor Day at the beach.

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7. Be on the lookout. You can make use of cheap tickets and hotel rooms if you take some time to browse through the available offers for 2014. Look out for late deals and the next holidays might be a steal.

8. Be spontaneous! Pick a destination and head out in the morning, or tonight.

9. Remember the travel seasons. There are some great (and affordable) opportunities available for summer holidays or winter getaways that encompass a wide range of destinations.

10. Remember the off-seasons. Many places will give discounts if it is not their particular season. Winter holidays at the beach, with the lights, strung up and carolers with saltwater taffy can be quite magical.

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11. Relatives are always a resource. Aunt Mona lives in Philadelphia? Well, there are a thousand things to do there, and she knows more than that. Catch up with family while having a great vacation.

12. Travel with friends, or significant others. Vacations are a great way to get to know one another and bond. Whether it’s a spring break journey with your closest compadres, or a romantic trip for a new couple, people liven up vacations, and vacations liven up people.

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13. Try something new. There are always untried opportunities. Wind surfing at the beach; snowboarding at a ski resort; or even tango lessons in the Caribbean.

14. Take a little you time. Know that you deserve to travel and shouldn’t wait.