11 Unique Things To Do In Koh Samui

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Have you ever been to Koh Samui? If you haven’t, you should make a point of visiting this Thailand island. The second-largest in the country, its stunning beaches, and dense rainforest are well worth a visit. Here are some ideas and unique things to do in Koh Samui that will indeed make you want to book your flight soon enough.

1. Improve your scuba diving skills 

Whether you decide to stay in Koh Samui for this or head for a few days to the tiny but lively Koh Tao, this region of the world is one of the best to scuba dive. And one of the cheapest too!

Koh Samui has a few great diving centers and instructors that will train you in no time so you can get your PADI or SSI certifications. After getting Open water certified, you will be able to practice your newly acquired hobby anywhere around the world.

For shore dives, Chaweng beach is the best diving spot in Koh Samui while around Koh Tao, shallow shores are available for beginners like Mango Bay and deeper ones like Chumphon pinnacle.

2. Choose your favorite scenic beach after testing them all out

Many white sand and crystal-clear beaches are available in Koh Samui. Head to Lamai, Maenam, and Lipa Noi and after trying them, make your pick. Whether you are into wild night parties or simply chilling out by the ocean, there you will find one that will make your heart tick. Promised!

3. Have a drink or two at Chaweng Beach

What leads us to the famous Chaweng beach, a must for party-goers. From having a cocktail at sunset to partying the night away, Chaweng restaurants and bars have you covered.

4. Chill at laid-back Lamai Beach

And once there, explore the Hing Ta and Hin Yai impressive rock formations and ask the locals about the legend tied to this spot.

5. Escape to the hills’ Secret Buddha Garden

Inland and uphill, the Secret Buddha Garden awaits visitors daily. Stunning and with some majestic statues – one of them dedicated to Khun Nim, the garden’s first promoter – there are also some streams and waterfalls around to check out. A must.

6. Pay your respects to Big Buddha

Koh Samui is not only about the beautiful sandy beaches but also spiritual nourishment.

Wat Phra Yai temple, aka Big Buddha temple, is on the Northern coast of the island. With a 12m high statue, it is unlikely you’d miss it!

7. Avoid feeding the fish at Wat Plai Laem’s lake

A charming Buddhist temple surrounded by a lake, it is pretty common for the donors to get a fish food bag to feed them. But continuing this tradition is IMHO, a poor choice. Let’s leave the fauna alone and appreciate the art and architecture of the temple instead.

8. Check the two Na Muang waterfalls

A few kilometers from Nathon Bay, the only way to the waterfalls is on foot. So there you go, a micro-adventure in the unique Koh Samui island!

9. Head to Ang Thong National Marine Park

With its exotic wildlife and sea creatures, there’s a bunch of cool things to do in Ang Thong Koh Samui.

This is a perfect spot to snorkel, sail, dive and hike and in case you were thinking of staying overnight, the park offers different accommodation options to suit all budgets.

10. Play tourist at nearby’s Koh Phangan Full Moon party

Once every 28 days, under the bright light of the moon, the neighbor island o Koh Phangan goes crazy busy with youngsters and festival-goers looking for trouble and poor life choices. If that sounds like something you’d love to get involved with, plan your ferry and accommodation as the island gets fully booked that night!

11. Fall for Koh Samui and never leave.

Many visitors have been swept away by Koh Samui’s appealing lifestyle and decided to move to this tiny paradise after a holiday there. One of the reasons for this is the relatively affordable real estate in Samui. A spot to keep in mind if you want to relocate!


Some people say that Koh Samui island is the true definition of Heaven on Earth, but we will leave you to judge it for yourself. Have fun!

Do you have any tips on things to do in Koh Samui? Let us know in the comments below!