10 Exciting Places You Must Visit in Kerala India

Munnar – Exciting Places You Must Visit in Kerala India – A World to Travel

Kerala is one of the highlights in India that has received a lot of praise as the best tropical tourist destination. It is surrounded by a vast network of waterways, spanning over 900 kilometers. There are various destinations you can visit in Kerala, as well as several activities to engage in. Below are some interesting ten places you should visit next time you are there.


Alleppey Backwaters

When visiting Kerala for the first time, you don’t want to miss a chance to go to the Alleppey Backwaters, one of the best-known places to visit in Kerala. Alleppey has breathtaking views of lush green jungles, waterways, and canals, which will leave you and your tour partner with lifetime memories. While here, you can board the famous houseboats to cruise around the waterways. You can also go on one night cruises to see fishes and birds. There are many other cruises you can choose from, all tailored to teach you different things. And if you just want to relax at your hotel, you will still have the opportunity to spot birds and other wildlife.



If you are thinking of a destination in Kerala that has a rich history, you should go to Kochi. According to its history, explorers, traders, and travels have been coming to the place for the past 600 years. Key things you will spot are a 400-year old synagogue, mosque ruins, Portuguese dwellings, as well as giant Chinese fishing net. And while it may be full of history from other places, you still get the tropical Indian feeling from the accommodations.



Deep in the Western Ghats in Kerala lies Munnar, a place famously known for lush green tea estates. It is said that some of the largest tea estates in the world are here. Munnar is also surrounded by three rivers and has spectacular viewpoints for nature lovers. Here you will also find the Eravikulam National Park, as well as a bird sanctuary where you can spot elephants, birds, and other wildlife.



If you are looking for a wildlife paradise in Kerala, you cannot miss a trip to Thekkady. This wildlife reserve features long stretches of hills and plantations, and there are also beautiful trekking trails that lead in and out of the mountains. Whether you love plants or animals, there are countless varieties of both. Animals range from Asian elephants to Bengal tigers. A boat ride might also give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to see smooth-coated otters. The waters are also full of aqua life. A single day is never enough to explore Thekkady.



Kumarakom is a collection of islands on the Vembanad Lake and is a favorite bird watcher’s sanctuary for many tourists. It spreads over 14 acres, and a lot of migrating birds make stops on it frequently. Other activities you can engage in include boat rides and fishing rides. If Kumarakom is on your list, check Kumarakom Lake Resort for a flawless stay in a unique location.


Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is for those people looking for a relaxing getaway in a peaceful location. The beach is praised for its clean sandy beaches, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Locals believe that taking a dip in this beach will wash away your sins. There is not short of activities to do on this beach, which often is part of Kerala tour packages; including surfing, sunbathing, and even parasailing. There are plenty of eating places, all serving different cuisines, so there is something for everyone.



The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram has beaches, palm shorelines, as well as historical sites to keep you busy. It is also home to various ruins that donned superior architecture, and these bring pilgrims from all over India. Thiruvananthapuram has also turned into an IT hub in Kerala. There are several institutions located there, making it a right destination for scholars as well.



It is the largest city in Northern Kerala, and for a long time was a thriving trading center. The famous Vasco da Gama landed there on his way to Portugal. Key sites include a 650-year old mosque supported in a wooden building. This location also has perfect sunset viewing points.



Kovalam was once a mere fishing village but now is at par with Varkala as the most developed tourist destination in Kerala. The main attractions in Kovalam are found on Lighthouse Beach, which is full of hotels and other stores. While the beaches may not be perfect for a getaway, they have ideal surfing waves, so it’s an excellent location for sports tourists.



Wayanad can be described as the complete tourist destination in Kerala. It is a single location that has waterfalls, caves, wildlife sanctuary, and to top it all up, comfortable accommodation. You can take a walk through the spice plantations, or walk into the caves to get a little history. Relax with the view and sound of a waterfall, and watch elephants pass by, nothing beats traveling to Wayanad.


The 10 places named above are some, but not all of the best destinations you can visit in Kerala, India. You can still research other places, and you will be amazed at the wonderful places you could discover in India.


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