15 unbeatable hipster Madrid tips

Matadero Madrid

Have a couple of spare days in the Spanish capital? Whether you are a visitor or a local, check our unbeatable hipster Madrid tips!

1. Debod temple

Debod temple Madrid

Built in the 2nd century BC in southern Egypt, it was donated to the Spanish government in the late 60s and completely rebuilt in Oeste park. Great for a early or late stroll, when the light gets more dramatic.

2. Glass Palace, Buen Retiro park

Glass Palace Madrid

One of our favourite buildings in the city. If you get lucky, you could catch one of the art exhibitions they feature sometimes. Inside the Buen Retiro park, this steel and glass structure from the late 19th century is something you just can’t miss! It’s also part of the Reina Sofia Museum and usually you can enjoy free admission.

3. Atocha railway station

Atocha railway station Madrid

Well known for the terrorist attacks back in 2004 and located in the heart of the city, it’s now more of a botanical garden with cozy cafes and even turtles! Enter this green lung to leave the stress behind.

4. Sol square

Sol Square Madrid

You might have heard about the 2011 May 15th demonstrations. For weeks, the square was occupied with hundreds of youngsters and protesters against the Spanish corrupt system. No matter which time of the day you find yourself there, it’s always something happening. Also, it’s just a few steps away from great tapas bars like Museo del Jamon where you can eat a huge cured ham plate for a few euros.

5. Mayor square

Mayor square Madrid

Next to Sol square, a great place to head after getting something to eat and sit in the main Madrid square for half an hour of Spanish people watching. We are different, you know that!

6. Rastro flea market

Mauro A. Fuentes çlvarez

Although there are vintage and second-hand shops open everyday in the area, the main flea market has place every Sunday morning. A must.

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7. San Miguel market

San Miguel Market

Another great structure, today is filled with hip restaurants where locals gather. It can get really packed on the weekend.

8. Fine Arts building rooftop terrace

circulo bellas artes Madrid

Get higher for a gin tonic or glass of wine at sunset. Perfect background for your Madrid pictures right in the city centre. A 3€ fee to enter the building applies. Open from 10am to 2am. Much more about this stunning sunset spot here.

9. Reina Sofia Museum

Reina Sofia Madrid

Featuring a great library and home to important artworks like Picasso’s Gernika. You can enter free of charge from Monday to Saturday 7pm – 9pm and Sundays 3pm – 7pm. Closes Tuesdays.

10. Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum Madrid

Gallery that used to be free (now 4€ are charged unless you are a customer of the bank), where you can also enjoy different workshops an projections. When this article went live, there was an interesting temporary exhibition about Japan going on.

11. La casa Encendida

la casa encendida Madrid

Own by a bank as well, you can still benefit from their complete cultural offer. Open everyday from 10am to 10pm, a huge range of different projects take part in it. From courses to exhibitions, theatre performances to expositions you are meant to find something that suits your taste there while in Madrid!

12. Matadero

cover matadero madrid

A former slaughterhouse turned an arts centre, this massive building complex is our first stop when we find ourselves in Madrid and it should be yours too! Simply brilliant!

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13. Tabacalera Social Centre

la tabacalera Madrid

Self-managed social centre we discovered when just walking Lavapies district last year. What a nice surprise! A free concert was going on and we got absorbed by it for hours. One of those fun places we look for in every city we visit. Cool café? Check. Free shop? Check. Awesome crowd? Check. Taste of freedom? Check!

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14. Latina

La latina Madrid

Although it’s been a while since we don’t check it on a Sunday afternoon, it’s still a great place to go for some drinks. It’s getting overpriced though so look for where locals are!

15. Malasaña

Malasaña Madrid

Last but not least, this neighbourhood is still the place to be at night. Full of those not so clean but awesome fun places we love when going out..




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  1. Ribazul

    Me gusta tu propuesta. Es atractiva y diferente.
    Pasé tiempo en Madrid y no conozco la mayoría de estos lugares.
    Tomo nota para la próxima visita 🙂

  2. Ana Emilia

    what you did was explain tourist points and seems like you got lucky enough to be invited to the other places, which are not really hipster

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